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Before you start debating over shaker-style vs. raised panel doors or maple vs. cherry, you need to make a few other important decisions to pick the right cabinets for your kitchen. Cabinets, on average, will account for 50 percent of your remodeling costs, so make these dollars count.


A kitchen or bath remodel is consistently a home project with a strong return on investment. According to Remodeling Magazine, in the South Atlantic region, a kitchen remodel costing $20,000 will recoup more than 80 percent of its value, and a bathroom remodel in this same price range will...


Emotion is what spurs us to act, and frequently it’s what pushes us headfirst into a home remodeling project. We’re in love with our neighbor’s new kitchen, we’re exasperated from sharing a bathroom with the kids, or we’re so excited about hosting our first family holiday.


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