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We take a full-service, concierge-level approach to remodeling. Our Project Managers are here to help from start to finish. They will handle all scheduling with third parties, keep your project on schedule, and be your right hand through the whole process.

We offer what no one else in the area can: a team that can organize every step of your kitchen and bath remodeling project, from helping you design a layout and choose the perfect materials, to scheduling plumbers, electricians, contractors, and more.

Continue reading to see the steps of a successful kitchen & bath remodel.


Initial Planning

We highly recommend doing your research to determine what you want out of your kitchen and bath remodel. In order for our project managers to help you build your ideal kitchen or bath, it's important to establish your goals going in.

The research phase is critical for starting to understand what a project of the magnitude you want to undertake might cost. The key thing you need can be summed up in two words: realistic expectations. Having a realistic understanding of the costs will help you prioritize the options you want if you have to cut some features.

The final preliminary thing you need to consider is the timeline. If everything runs smoothly, a large-scale project could take as few as 6-8 weeks. However, if you have highly customized options, or if unforeseen situations delay the project, it could take up to 9-12 weeks. Since there are many things that influence how long it can take, talking to a project manager will help you get a better idea of the scope. 


Speaking with a Project Manager

After your initial work, it’s time to speak with a professional who can guide you the rest of the way and help you plan for this undertaking. During your initial visit, you’ll discuss the goals, initial budget, and available timeframe you determined.

The Project Managers at Kitchen & Bath Center are uniquely trained and experienced to guide you through every step of your home remodeling project. They are there to assist you and be your single point of contact from the moment you walk in the door to the moment your remodel is complete.

Kitchen & Bath Center offers what no one else in the area can: a team that can organize every step of your kitchen and bath remodeling project. We work with numerous contractors and craftsmen throughout the area, as well as leading manufacturers for countertopscabinetryflooring, glass shower doors/panels, and hardware—with one call to your Project Manager, you can do it all.


In-Home Consultation

Once you've met with a project manager, you will schedule a day and time for an in-home meeting. We at Kitchen & Bath Center offer free in-home consultations.

We use this time to help you figure out the best layout and design based on your goals. This is an important meeting for several key reasons:

  • Meeting in a space that you're familiar with will give us real-world insight into how to make your life easier.
  • The project managers will measure everything out for backsplashes, countertops, cabinetry, flooring, etc.
  • While there, your project manager will determine the other trades or craftsmen that the project will require to bring the project to fruition. Once determined, a timeline for the project can be put together.

A common question that homeowners do not think to ask is related to permits. We are there to help guide you, but as the homeowner, you are responsible for ensuring all remodeling is completed lawfully. 


Choosing Materials

After figuring out the initial budget, plan, and pricing, you’ll then come back to our showroom to look over materials. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the process; as you start building on it visually, everything suddenly becomes a bit more real.

Keep in mind as you’re looking at materials, our goal is not to sell you anything. We are here to find what’s right for you. You don't want to empty your bank account, but you also don't want to end up with inferior products. Our goal is to find a realistic comfort zone that brings you the best value.

Decide what you want your impact item to be, then base everything off that main attraction. This will typically be cabinetry or countertops as they are the most bang for the buck. Once those are determined, you’ll look over flooring and additional product options if that’s a part of your project.


Signing a Contract

Depending on what you’ve discussed thus far, your project manager may have a rough proposal available when you come in to make material selections.

From there, we can reprice and do a contract signing, or if we need to make additional changes, we can come back with an updated draft. Once you sign a contract, we will order all of your materials.

Make sure to read through your contract. We understand that not every homeowner is going to follow each step off the bat, but we will do our best to explain every part of the project.

As a rule of thumb, keep asking questions and never make assumptions! Remember, our job is to assist you in making informed decisions.


Demo Day

The first step of the installation is to remove the items that are currently in your kitchen or bath. This is when our team comes in for demo day.

There’s one helpful thing to understand beforehand: there will be dust. While our team will hang drapes and sheets to help reduce it, you’ll still need to be mindful of what’s happening in your home. We will do everything we can to keep from being messy, but it’s essentially a construction site at this point.


Electrical & Plumbing

After all the old materials have been removed, it will be time for the electricians and/or plumbers to come in and inspect everything.

Plumbing: A remodel is the perfect time to inspect your plumbing. All of the covering materials will be open and unobstructed, and it could save you from having to remove materials if repairs are necessary down the road. Gas lines should also be inspected if you have them.

Wiring and Lighting: Many kitchen and bath renovations involve recessed ceiling lighting or under-cabinet lighting. No matter how many electrical changes you decide to make, all the wiring will need to be inspected as well. There may also be electrical changes made to accommodate new appliances and receptacles.

Consider how many outlets you’ll want. If you’ve found yourself unplugging some appliances to use others, it may be a good idea to have the electrician install additional outlets.


Drywall & Painting

If you are planning on removing any walls or changing the layout, it will require new drywall to be hung, which our team can take care of for you. If you are particularly concerned about dust, it’s good to talk to your project manager beforehand about the best ways to help limit it.

If you’re planning on having the kitchen or bathroom repainted, we can also paint and scrape ceilings.

Helpful Tips: We want you to contribute any way that you’d like, but if you decide to paint your home yourself, it’s crucial that you stick to the predetermined window of time within the schedule you have with your project manager. Otherwise, this could push back the overall project completion.

If we’re installing cabinetry, we will not paint afterward. We also can’t refund cabinet costs if you get paint on them after we’ve installed them.



After the initial setup, it’s finally time for our team to come in and begin the official installation of all the materials you picked out.

Depending on the scale of your remodel, the installation itself could take several days or a couple of weeks. Our team will walk through everything with you afterward to ensure you are happy with your new kitchen and bath remodels.

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Our goal is to keep you informed and help guide you through the remodel process. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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