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How to Create the Perfect Cooking Space with a Kitchen Remodel

When embarking upon a kitchen remodel, it’s important to first identify the overarching purpose of the renovation. For those hoping to create the perfect cooking space with a kitchen remodel, there are several things you can do to achieve this goal.  

Choose a functional kitchen layout 

No matter what size your kitchen is, designing the layout with the traditional kitchen work triangle in mind is key when remodeling to create the perfect cooking space. Depending on how big or small your kitchen is, consider one of these five kitchen layouts, which have proven to be the most functional:  

  1. One-wall kitchen 
  2. Galley kitchen 
  3. L-shaped kitchen 
  4. U-shaped kitchen 
  5. G-shaped kitchen  

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Utilize creative storage solutions 

There are so many kitchen storage options out there these days, far beyond traditional kitchen cabinets and shelving. Many homeowners are opting for creative storage solutions like appliance garages and open shelving to make the cooking process easy and efficient.   

Drawers can also be designed specifically for their intended purpose, whether that be to house cutlery, plates, and pots, or hold common kitchen appliances, spices, and cleaning items. Consider installing custom cabinets and drawers in your kitchen to fit your cooking needs.  

Consider the countertops 

If you cook a lot, choosing a countertop material that won’t wear and tear easily is important. Some of the most durable kitchen countertop materials include: 

Stainless steel: This kitchen countertop material is heat resistant, it’s a non-staining surface, and it’s easy to clean. Stainless steel countertops are a top choice for professional cooks and chefs. 

Granite: This kitchen countertop material is extremely heat resistant, so brief encounters with a hot pan won’t hurt the surface. Granite countertops will also stand up to slicing and dicing without scratching.  

Recycled glass: This kitchen countertop material is unique, beautiful, and environmentally friendly. If you choose a resin-based recycled glass, you won’t have to seal it, and it will be quite resistant to staining, Recycled glass countertops do not chip or burn easily.  

Quartz: This kitchen countertop material is non-porous, so it resists staining much better than other kitchen countertop materials and doesn’t require regular sealing like natural stone materials do. Quartz is extremely hard, so it stands up to cuts, scratches, chips, and cracks quite well. 

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Design to cook with ease 

If creating the perfect cooking space is the main goal of your kitchen remodel, you need to think about how certain elements are placed and designed. For example, you’ll want to have lots of countertop space or a kitchen island. You’ll also want that additional countertop space or island to be easily accessible during food prep and cooking.  

Also, consider items like the sink, microwave, pantry, and food storage cabinets or shelves. These elements are all critical when cooking, so how they are designed and placed should be contusive to operating with efficiency and ease.  

Need help with a kitchen remodel? 

The team at Kitchen & Bath Center wants to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. We can help prioritize your goals, creating the cooking space you’ve always wanted. Check out our kitchen remodeling services and contact us. 

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