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5 Popular Bathroom Style Ideas

When you start a bathroom remodel, it’s important to have a style in mind. This will help you pick colors, materials, hardware, appliances, furniture, art, and more. Here are 5 popular bathroom styles making waves right now: 

Beach style bathroom 

There are many routes you can take with a beach style bathroom remodel. Whether you want to create a calming, ocean atmosphere, or a fun, aquatic animal theme; blues, greens, cremes, and browns most certainly need to be on your radar when it comes to colors. If you really want to embrace the beach theme, you can even try a fun wallpaper with a beachy print! 

The flooring in a beach style bathroom can take many directions. White tile flooring is a good option if you want to bring the calming colors together and stick to the theme. Wood flooring also looks good with beach style, if you are going for a more retro feel.  

Bring your beach style bathroom remodel home with a few beachy photos, hardware, or towels. Small accents and patterns on a mirror or cabinet makes all the difference! 



Modern farmhouse style bathroom 

Farmhouse style bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular. The key to this look is capturing the rustic, yet modern vibe. You will want to stick to wood trim and furnishings to accomplish this.  

Focusing on the details is important to creating the aesthetic. Matte hardware and natural wood are great choices for a farmhouse style bathroom. If you have a larger budget to work with, a barn door or small soaking tub lend themselves perfectly to this theme.  

The lighting you choose can also be instrumental. Large windows with natural light or industrial themed, hanging light bulbs both suit this style well. 



Minimalist style bathroom 

If the goal of your remodel is to declutter your bathroom and make way for some peace and quiet, the minimalist style might be just what the doctor ordered. For this theme, you need to focus on muted colors, reflective surfaces, and glass hardware or embellishments. 

There are several ways you can really bring this style to life:

  • Floating vanity or sink
  • Floor-to-ceiling tile or marble 
  • Monochromatic designs 
  • Hidden storage features 

Another way you can capture the minimalist theme is by turning your bathroom into a wet room. Though it’s a more costly renovation, it captures the minimalist style in all aspects. 



Botanical style bathroom 

If nature is your thing, a botanical style bathroom is definitely worth consideration. Think luscious greens, dark browns, matte black, and maybe a few pops of floral color for this theme. A tropical or foliage inspired wallpaper is also a fun way to embody this vibe. 

You can go light or dark with a botanical style bathroom, but either way, you will likely want to put in wood flooring. If that is not in the budget, white or grey tile with a nature themed rug or shower curtain is a great alternative.  

The botanical bathroom is all about the decorative elements. You can really bring this look to life by adding plants, floral light shades, and rustic or wicker furnishings. 



Asian spa style bathroom 

This theme is the epitome of tranquility and relaxation. Think soft browns, beiges, and crème colors. Asian spa styled bathrooms are designed to maximize open space, air, and light. Incorporating natural wood is key, and simple furnishings (used sparingly) go best with this look.  

Of course, a bigger ticket item doesn’t hurt: 

  • Jacuzzi tub
  • Heated floors
  • Rain shower
  • Fireplace  

You don’t have to break the bank to have an Asian spa style bathroom! Adding some candles, plants, incense, or a seated vanity are great options as well.  



What are you waiting for? 

Now that you have a style in mind, the real work begins. Let the experts at Kitchen & Bath Center help you achieve the bathroom remodel of your dreams! 

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