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Should I Turn My Bathroom into a Wet Room?

Wet rooms are gaining in popularity, and it’s no wonder why. The sleek, modern design is right on par with other bathroom remodeling trends we’re seeing in 2021. Turning your bathroom into a wet room makes it so the entire thing is designed to get wet, while giving it a more minimalist look. 

What’s a Wet Room? 

In a wet room, the floor is slightly sloped to allow the water to drain off. Many times, people dress the bathroom in floor-to-ceiling tile and opt for an open shower. This gives the space a clean design, while serving the functionality of the room.  


There are many benefits to having a wet a room. Everything is made to get wet, and many times they do away with glass shower screens, so they are easy to clean.  

Wet rooms can also help you make the most of the space. The openness of the bathroom can make it look larger, which adds value to your home.  

Wet rooms are more accessible. If someone living in your home has limited mobility, a wet room may be a good option. Typically, there are no boundaries in a wet room, which makes it very easy to move from space to space. 


The fact that everything is made to get wet can also be one of the biggest cons of a wet room. The bathroom can be a humid environment so it’s important to think about the purpose your wet room with serve.  Master bathrooms may better serve this design, rather than the guest bathroom, where someone may just go in to wash their hands or use the toilet.  

Wet rooms need to be waterproofed and properly ventilated. This can limit some style choices. Additionally, the floor will have to be reconstructed to allow the water to flow toward the drain. This type of design usually costs more than the typical bathroom remodel.  

Can I Do it Myself? 

Turning your bathroom into a wet room is going to require a serious remodel. It is not typically a DIY project, and you will want to make sure you’re working with an experienced team. We can help you design and remodel the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us if you would like to turn your bathroom into a wet room.  

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