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For many, the kitchen is one of the most beloved rooms in the home. How you design or remodel your kitchen often reflects your tastes, preferences, or personality. While some want their kitchen to stand out as much as possible, even striving to make it the most central area in the home, others are taking a much different approach.  

The concealed kitchen is becoming an increasingly popular trend, especially for people living in apartments, condominiums, or small homes. Some commercial businesses are also starting to use this layout to save space in office buildings.  

Concealed kitchens are designed to be hidden, minimalistic, and functional 

Concealed kitchens often blend into the space, as opposed to taking it over. Some are more hidden than others. Just like any other kitchen design, this layout comes in all shapes and sizes.  

For many, concealed kitchens make it easy to reduce visual clutter in the home. People who choose to go this route with their kitchen remodel are often attracted by the ability to entirely shutter the kitchen from view, making the space seem larger or more open.  

Others are drawn to the compact functionality of the space, with certain layouts focusing on appliances and features that can fold in and out from the walls and cabinets. This can be a catalyst for organization and cleanliness within the kitchen.  

There are several ways to conceal your kitchen appliances

  • Hide your refrigerator, dishwasher, and trashcan behind cabinet panels
  • Place blenders, toasters, and coffee makers in drawers or cabinets (this works great for appliances like KitchenAids and Keurigs).
  • Use covered cooktops on your stove


If you are thinking about a concealed kitchen remodel, it is important to know how you want the design to serve the space 

Before you start your concealed kitchen remodel, you should take time to think about the goal. Are you trying to make more of a limited space? Is the organizational aspect the most important thing? Does the minimalist look just speak to you?  

Concealed kitchens can be designed to serve many different purposes, so having a clear idea of what you want is key going into the remodel process. This will help you determine a floor plan, as well as appliance and furniture design features.  

If you need assistance with your kitchen redesign or remodel, Kitchen & Bath Center is here to help. Contact our team today to achieve the kitchen of your dreams! 

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