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All About Walk-In Showers

Some people are bathtub people, while others love a luxurious shower. A walk-in shower can create the impression that the bathroom is much bigger. Additionally, it can make your bathroom look sleek and modern. 

There are many things that homeowners will consider when it comes to deciding whether they intend to maintain a bathtub with a shower or to create a walk-in shower. 



What is a Walk-In Shower? 

A walk-in shower is a shower that is designed without a step or other barrier that separates it from the rest of the bathroom. Walk-in showers are generally tile or glass-enclosed and can be suited to bathrooms of any size (as long as the homeowner agrees with losing the bathtub) because of their minimal requirements. Some walk-in showers may have a glass door or curtain to retain more heat or to reduce water splashes. 



Advantages of a Walk-In shower 

There are many advantages to installing a walk-in shower. Not only for the look, but also for the functionality and additional features that you can use to customize your bathroom. 

Bye-Bye Curtain  

A walk-in shower doesn’t need a curtain that can get moldy or smelly. This also allows your shower to be both open and bright.  


You can choose the type of drainage that suits the style and space you want to create. Many walk-in showers feature a sloping floor that goes toward one drain. Compared to the traditional drain in the center of the shower that requires four-sided slopes, a linear shower drain is easy to build and easier to maintain because of its simplicity. Additionally, you can create continuity with your tiles because they can go from the flooring right into the shower itself.  

Shower Heads 

Most bathtub/shower combinations offer one spray nozzle above the person’s head. A walk-in shower provides much more flexibility and even the option to include body jets or rain shower heads.  

ADA Compliance 

If you or someone in your household is living with a disability or mobility limitation, you can build a conversion than allows them to shower safely and comfortably. Creating a walk-in shower may give them more independence and the ability to even shower on their own. The ADA recommends a minimum of 36 inches by 36 inches for a walk-in shower with a bench that is attached to one wall. 

The barrier-less shower is also great for elderly residents or anyone who is recovering from a recent surgery.




Before you start ripping up your old bathtub to make way for a walk-in shower, take a minute to consider the disadvantages that this can potentially have on your home value or lifestyle.  

Home Value 

A walk-in shower can impact your home value because a bathroom without a tub is considered a three-quarter bathroom, and not a full. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, it may be worthwhile to contact a local realtor to discuss whether the home value will be improved by updating your bathroom or if it will be diminished by the loss of a bathtub. 


If you have a house with kids or are living with roommates, a walk-in shower means that there is no barrier between you and someone who could accidentally open the bathroom door. Without a door or curtain as a barrier, a walk-in shower could lead to some awkward moments or lack of privacy. 

Additionally, some parents find that is easier to bathe small children in a shower. This, however, is a personal preference that can be left to the homeowners to decide. If there is another full bathroom in the house, then that problem is mitigated. 

Design Decisions 

If you have decided on making the change from a tub to a walk-in shower, start considering the type of tiles and colors you would like to see in your renovation. Accessories like benches and shelving for shampoo or soap, as well as different shower heads, are all decisions that you will need to make to design your dream shower. 

If you are looking to add a walk-in shower to your bathroom and have any questions, give our design team a call. We are always happy to explore your ideas and help you make your bathroom dreams a reality. 

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