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Many homeowners tend to focus on the big-ticket items when it comes to a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but you shouldn’t underestimate the impact of the smaller, finishing touches. These are opportunities to really inject your personality and passions into the project, creating a look all your own. 


So, what’s trending right now? 

  • Brushed nickel, copper, brass, and matte black finishes (cabinet handles, hinges, drawer pulls, knobs, and faucets). 
  • Oversized drawer pulls (ranging from 6-21 inches long). 
  • Exposed screws (adds a retro and industrial feel). 
  • Glass knobs and pulls (versatile and stylish). 
  • Single-handle faucets (modern, sleek design). 


Cabinet hardware is available at a more reasonable price than some of the other major investments you might make during a kitchen or bath remodel. So, if you want to add some pizzazz to your project, this is the place to experiment (think whimsical fork and spoon-shaped knobs, or a bold pop of color).  


From timeless and traditional to fun and funky, here are some ideas for your remodel:

Novelty Knobs. Going for a certain aesthetic, such as boho farmhouse or tropical beachTry adding novelty knobs like these to your hardware list.


Unusual Shapes. Graceful curves, retro forms and charming patterns add unusual shapes to round out your spaces.   


Bar pulls. Sleek, modern bar pulls in black and silver are the most popular sellers for large hardware retailers.


A touch of color. Brighten up your space by adding hardware with small pops of color. 


Latches. Try incorporating latches in place of knobs on some of your cabinets or drawers. 



Hardware may be subtle, but it makes a big difference 

Hardware can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. Choosing the right materials, styles, and colors can be quite a task! If you need help with hardware during your remodel, contact Kitchen & Bath Center today.  

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