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An extremely popular renovation project for homeowners today for a fresh, modern look is a tub to shower conversion. 

A large walk-in shower vs. a traditional tub and shower combination can maximize square footage in the bathroom and give homeowner’s the opportunity to create the open, spa-like feel they desire for their bathroom. A tub to shower conversion also can be done to make maintenance easier or to provide a safer alternative to climbing over tall bathtub walls. 

Whatever your reason for converting your tub to a shower, enjoy planning your project. Determining the size and shape of your new shower will be one of the first things you need to do, so carefully consider the spacing you will need for the walk-in shower you want, including floor space, height and distance between the showers walls and the toilet.   

Other things to take into consideration: Does your plumbing need to be relocated to design the bathroom of your dreams? Do you want a curbed or curbless shower? Do you want an acrylic shower base, cultured marble pan, or tile flooring? Do you want a bench in your shower? Are there other special features you are looking for such as a steam shower or rain system? 

Making informed decisions from the start ensures there are no regrets when the job is complete. At Kitchen and Bath Center, we have helped Gulf Coast homeowners through hundreds of successful remodeling projects, and we have a team of full-service renovation specialists to help manage your project from start to finish.


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