Ocean City, FLORIDA

    Median Property Value

    The average property value in Ocean City, Florida is $180,100.

    A prevalent mistake that homeowners make is spending large sums to renovate their homes, expecting to get it all back if they ever sell their house. The truth is that a home will not go for a higher price that is well above the neighboring average because of some higher-end improvements.


    The average home appreciation in Ocean City, Florida is 9.8%.

    You can help your home appreciate by making property improvements. Remember to consider the value of the homes in your neighborhood and aim to be in the middle.

    To keep your home from depreciating, you need to make repairs and improvements as problems arise. With regular maintenance, your home's effective age will be lower than it's actual age. Simply maintaining your home can also add to its value.

    Kitchen & Bath Remodels

    The average cost of a kitchen or bath remodel is about $130 for a square foot.

    There are three main types of kitchen and bath remodels. The first is cosmetics and changes easily removed and replaced items. The next type is called pull & replace; it replaces everything without the change of the layout. The last type is custom and is a complete redo from top to bottom.


    Local Permits & Regulations

    It is crucial to understand the laws, taxes, and permits involved with a remodel before doing any work. Each area has its own restrictions, and moving forward with a remodel without the proper permits will bring major issues if you ever try to sell your home.

    Below are some county and city specific resources to help ensure you have everything you need for your kitchen or bath remodel.

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